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        1.  a small amount of food eaten between meals.


       1. eat a snack.

SNACK by Tiffany was birthed from a simple question: “What do you love to do?” Resident baker, Tiffany, always knew that she loved to bake and was up to her elbows in flour and butter, even from a young age. Her baking journey began in her mother’s kitchen and though her mother mostly whipped up banana bread and cheesecake, Tiffany was soon making her own ventures into the baking world.

After many recipes, Tiffany’s endeavors soon led her to discover her baking philosophy: that sharing is indeed caring. She found that she took immense joy from crafting and sharing sweet treats. After 10 years of continual requests from friends and family to open up her own bakery, SNACK by Tiffany was born, but not without the support and business savvy of an encouraging husband.

Today, SNACK is armed with its own renditions of banana bread and cheesecake, with brookies thrown in for good measure. The name itself came from the idea that everyone should enjoy a small bite of something sweet between meals––not to mention the fact that "snack" is also Tiffany’s favorite word. SNACK specializes in creating quality products using quality ingredients, and we are devoted to sharing the best of our kitchen joys.

Love from our home to yours,

SNACK by Tiffany

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